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5 Things Every Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness Kit Should Contain

Protect your residents by having the right supplies on hand at all times.

If you own a nursing home or manage one, you know there are specific standards you must uphold to meet state and federal laws and regulations. Among the most important things that you do is prepare for emergencies. Doing so allows you to protect your employees and residents from harm.

Supplies You Should Never Be Without

Referring to the CDC for exact items to stock in hurricane and earthquake emergency preparedness kits ensures that you don’t miss an essential item needed by your staff or residents. It’s very easy to overlook some of the crucial supplies if you’re focused on acquiring things such as generators to help run medical equipment.

The five things every nursing home emergency preparedness kit should contain that you may not have thought about include:

  1. There is a need for this item year-round. Having extra supplies on hand during an emergency can be lifesaving. Many of the machines that your nursing staff uses rely on battery power. You won’t need to worry about them not having access to them because they don’t have enough batteries accessible to care for your residents.
  2. You should designate a supply of gloves for emergency use only. This staple item is something you likely buy every month. You should increase your supply by a few boxes each month for stockpiling purposes.
  3. Manual Can Openers. You’ll need them to open cans of food and liquid vitamin supplements. Make sure that you equip each nursing station with these items so you’re able to take care of the nutritional needs of your residents without issue. A manual can opener may be the only solution if everything else is running off of the generator, and there’s little juice left to run the stove or oven.
  4. Keep a supply of them available for use if the power goes off. Your staff can safely check on your residents. It also allows maintenance personnel to work to get generators and other power supplies running. A pocket-sized flashlight attached to a lanyard makes an excellent gift for staff members. They can wear them with their ID badges.
  5. Trash Bags. One of the most versatile items available, plastic bags, can be used to cover items, hold wet clothing, and throw away waste products. For sanitation purposes, there is nothing more necessary than heavy-duty trash bags.

These items are sometimes an afterthought when preparing a large population of residents for an emergency. Buying these items in bulk and storing them throughout the many halls and floors of your facility ensures that your nursing staff has access to them whenever a need arises. You’ll be able to take better care of the people working and living in your facility because of your decision to keep these items stocked.

Stock Up Now, So You’re Prepared Later

Be ready for whatever happens going forward. Stock up on the most important supplies your facility needs right away. Having the right items on hand in the event of an emergency helps you restore order quickly. You’ll be able to ease the nerves of your residents by providing them with a safe and comfortable environment despite the chaos going on around them.

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