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5 Things Every stockd Breakroom Has In It

Make sure you’re able to give your employees what they need by having it on hand.

If you have a breakroom in your workplace, you know how important it is to staff morale. When stocked with modern appliances and the tastiest beverages, you’re able to create a climate in which people are compelled to work harder and longer hours, if necessary, because they can find a pick-me-up in the breakroom to see them through the rest of their shift. A cup of coffee or a bottle of ice-cold water is often all that is needed to re-energize your staff and keep them working toward their end goals.

What You Should Stock Your Breakroom With

The more supplies you have on hand, the less often you’ll need to order. Breakrooms are high-traffic areas of the workplace. They get visited daily, so you’ll always want to have the things on the list available, or else you’ll run out fast.

Five things that every stockd breakroom has in it include:

  1. Cups. Even if most people bring their tumblers and mugs, you’ll want to have disposable cups on hand for visitors to your business. They may come unprepared for a meeting with you and want a cup of coffee or hot tea to drink while listening to you speak.
  2. Coffee and Tea. The top two complimentary beverages of choice, you can buy ground coffee or pods as well as hot tea bags or pods depending on your budget. Each is capable of making beverages that your staff look forward to drinking.
  3. Individual Creamers. People like to customize their drinks. You can offer plain or flavored creamers. They come in bulk boxes, which should supply your small group of employees for weeks.
  4. Sugar and Sugar Substitute. Again, it’s all a matter of preference as to how your staff drinks their coffee or tea.  Having sugar and sugar substitute available ensures that everyone is satisfied with the beverage they’ve made for themselves before going back to work.
  5. Bottled Water. Kept in the fridge, water is essential. It allows your staff to remain energized and ready to take on the day. Best of all, they don’t need to do much more than open the fridge, take out water, and return to their desks.

These five essentials are necessary for workplaces of all sizes. You’ll find that without these items, your employees find it hard to keep going after lunch. By giving them a place where they can sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a steaming cup of joe benefits you. It makes so your staff feels valued which increases their loyalty and willingness to work for you long-term.

A Well-stocked Breakroom is Considered an Asset by Your Staff

Stock your breakroom with items from stockd. You have plenty of things to choose from to make your workplace friendlier and more productive throughout the workday. Don’t be afraid to add to the suggested list of items to make it more personal. You may find that you have more tea drinkers than coffee drinkers working for you. Either way, you’ll enjoy the convenience of shopping on one website for everything that you need.

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