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5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized

Just as a good chef cleans up the kitchen before and after cooking, you should organize your workspace in order to be the most efficient at your job. Working from a clean desk, in an organized workspace, is one of the greatest time management tools.

Below are several organizing tips to increase your productivity at work.

Organize your Desktop

The best place to begin organization is on the top of your desk. File documents away in appropriate places, both online and physical. Keep your desktop free of clutter, leaving minimal items out. Consider putting everything away so your space is completely free for you to use. For example, do you have a stapler that regularly sits on your desk? Consider placing it in a sliding drawer for easy access while still moving it out of the way.

Organize your Digital Desktop

Also organize your desktop computer screen. If you can’t see your desktop background, you have too much on your screen. Minimize any programs that you are not using.

Additionally, keep your email inbox organized and clean. Delete any emails you do not need. Check your inbox a few times a day so you don’t get email overload, which can also control your work life.

Declutter Your Life

People with cluttered desks often spend large amounts of time every working day looking for materials they need in the midst of the clutter surrounding them. Plus, the appearance of a cluttered desk has been psychologically proven to kick back visual subconscious feedback that leads to continual distraction, causing your eyes to dart from one item to the next. By removing clutter, you can gain clarity in your life, which is essential to maximum performance.

Focus on Your Current Task Alone

Only deal with your current task, rather than focusing on multiple tasks at once. Try to keep only one item in front of you as much as possible. Many people think they work just as effectively when their workspace is messy and they jump from task-to-task, but multiple studies have shown that when people are forced to clean their workspace up with just one task in front of them, their productivity doubles (and sometimes triples) – often overnight!

Organize Your Desk with Proper Supplies

The key to being more organized is not only getting organized but staying organized. You should have office supplies and materials fully stocked and available at all times. There is little that destroys efficiency and effectiveness more than having to stop in the middle of a job due to lack of preparedness or lack of supplies. Make it easier on yourself by purchasing all of your supplies online from one trusted source. This keeps you from having to take time to go to a physical store and also only requires you to track down one package!



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