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Face Shield 3D Printing

Information Provided by New York Presbyterian Hospital

Simple facts:

  1. One piece design
  2. Uses a water-jet cutter
  3. Potentially manufacture up to 2,000 units per hour
  4. In limited test, no fogging issues

Attached are images of a face shield prototype the Mechanical Engineering team designed and made today. 

It is a one-piece design — an approximate image of the design is also attached (shown in gray). 

The material: 5 mm (0.02 inch) thick polycarbonate, or could be polyethylene. We could also try PETG.

We used a water-jet cutter only, so it does not require 3D printing or laser cutting. 

It took 4 minutes to cut the unit shown from a single polycarbonate sheet, but we could cut potentially 100 sheets simultaneously. Therefore we estimate that we could potentially manufacture up to 2,000 units per hour. There is no other use for our water-jet cutter at this time, so we could use it as many hours in a day as needed — at least for now. 

The team is currently experimenting with slightly different designs. 

At the time the pictures were taken, he had been wearing it for an hour and said he has had no fogging issues. 

After cutting, we potentially could clean the units in the dish washers of the student cafeteria that can handle thousands of meals a day. 

Face shield design
Face shield final product
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